Hi! I'm Leonie and welcome to my planet. I sell repurposed denim products that are tailored to my customer's wishes. This way my customers can purchase unique clothing that they love and treasure, all while being sustainable. 

Since I am the youngest of three siblings, my closet is always full of hand-me-downs. When I was younger I saw this as a burden, but once I learned to sew and paint I was able to create my own clothing out of the t-shirts and jeans I got from my older siblings. One day a friend of mine saw a pair of jeans I had painted and asked where I got them. When I said I made them, she offered to pay me to paint her jeans, and Planet Leo was born! 

I decided to make to create a sustainable fashion businesses because I wanted to make looking good not come at the cost of hurting the environment. My goal is to change consumptions habits by raising awareness about the detrimental effects the fast fashion industry has on the world around us. Learn more about sustainability at Planet Leo here